This is how instagram affects you

This is how instagram affects you

You open Instagram and are greeted by selfies of happy people showing you their new partner, their view from their hotel or a selfie showing how fit they are. Are these pictures just good fun or could they affect you?

In a study published in the Icwsm 2017 papers, a group of scientists studied how selfies appear on Instagram. They concluded that the selfies published were used to identify signals such as health, wealth and physical attractiveness. Watching these selfies can affect you, here are some ways Instagram can affect you:

When you compare yourself to other people idealized pictures, it can cause you starting to doubt and feel like you are not as good, fit or successful as the people on the pictures. To avoid this, it’s best to spend less time looking at other peoples profile and spend more time focusing on yourself to improve self-esteem.

FOMO or fear of missing out is something many Instagram users feel. When you see an event that you weren’t attending you might feel that you were missing out and get bummed out.

Negative body image
The most followed people on Instagram are almost all fit people wearing expensive clothes. It’s easy to start comparing yourself and start to get a negative body image.

Shorter Attention Span
Social media is all about instant gratification. Some studies link decreased attention span with increased social media usage.

It’s easy to get addicted to social media. You might not notice it initially, but if you think about you might spend much more time on Instagram than you might be thinking you are. Be aware of how much time you spend on Instagram and how it affects you and your surroundings. If it affects you or your friends and loved ones it might be time to decrease your Instagram usage.

Google Maps Vs. Here Maps – A Comparative Study

Google Maps Vs. Here Maps – A Comparative Study

For people who travel frequently or for those who always need to know the fastest way to get to a place, a map-app is essential. The two top map apps in the market today are Google Maps and Here Maps. But which is better? The table below helps compare the two for use on a smartphone so that you can decide for yourself.

Map App

Google Maps

Here Maps



Nokia (not a part of Microsoft)


Android and IOS

Android, IOS and Windows. Rated as the best map app for a windows phone

Maps Layout

This has a straightforward and uncluttered look. The labeling of roads and points of interest are clear and easy to read.

This also has a simple look. However, the use of full names for roads and additional information gives it a cluttered look. The labeling also spills outside the zone making it messy.

Navigation and Routes

Google has options for driving, public transport, walking, and cycling. For public transportation, Google gives you options of least amount of walking or taking only subways which are extremely useful for planning a trip. The data can be looked based on time of departure and time of arrival. It arranges the possibilities according to the ascending order of time taken. The street view option is one of Google’s best selling points.

Here has an option of driving, public transport and walking. It also allows for different times of departure and arrival. However, some of the public transportation data is not very easy to use. Here also has interior layout details of places like malls etc.


Google is the world leader in search engines which is reflected in the Maps. It is easy to use and has a great deal of information available, including opening/closing times, reviews, contact details, website, etc. As this data is usually maintained by businesses themselves, it is generally more accurate.

Here’s search function is also easy to use. However, the difference is in the quality of data. Here uses Tripadvisor as its information platform, so if you are lucky, you get a great deal of information, else you can also get out-of-date and incorrect information especially about opening/closing times and contact details.


The offline feature is more of a snapshot which allows you to save a map of a 25mile diameter area. Search, navigation, etc. requires you to go back online. You can search a route online, and once you have it, you can go offline. But no other information is available as long as you are offline.

This is where Here Maps excels. The offline feature let you download maps of entire cities/countries and navigate it offline. These maps are not very storage heavy and so you can download many maps at one time. You can search for POIs, landmarks, and routes offline.


Overall we prefer Google Maps just for the ease of use and amount and accuracy of information available on it. However, if you are short on data then Here Maps can be a good option for you.

Gamefly – Is it worth the deal?

Gamefly – Is it worth the deal?

Gamefly, as you might wonder, is nothing but a monthly rental subscription that will enable you to uninterrupted entertainment services for a fixed cost. The need for such services cropped up when the there were compatibility issues, and the companies and engineers were struggling hard to make their systems and brands upgrade to the latest version of the technology. This run for up gradation has no end for this will happen now and then and it is practically impossible for the companies to keep pace with it. Moreover, there are many new companies and faces in the market that promise to offer the latest without a wait or a delay. So it is evident that the preferences and choices of people would differ and they will be forced to take up with the new companies.

It was this demise of old technology that called for a service like this which gets continually upgraded with changes in technology, and those who wish to upgrade themselves and their gaming experience simultaneously might opt to subscribe for these. Gamefly is a popular American based movie and entertainment service that is open to all for a monthly subscription. Their services differ in many ways, and the rentals also change according to the services opted by the user.

Game streaming with Gamefly

The very purpose of introduction of this Gamefly service is to entice and encourage the users in the gaming world. Like how we have many services for our favorite TV shows and movies, we have this Gamefly for games specifically. This service enables the user to login to any game of his choice, and he will be allowed to play without any halts until his subscription holds good.

Gamefly on top

There were many such game streaming services and options even before, but none of them made it to the expected levels. It is after a long period of research and study that this has come into the market. The main reason for the failure of such game streaming services is that the preferences and tastes of people keep changing with every new game or adventure and not all of streaming options are designed and programmed to hold all of them.

Gamefly`s success story

Gamefly is a recent invention and was launched in smaller and limited territories to test its success and to precede its victory it has now been decided to get launched to a larger group in different parts of the world. Currently, this service is partnered with Samsung for its operations, and the developers are very happy and satisfied to have reached the top level in this game streaming field.

The payment structure for this service is designed a little different from the other similar ones. Here the user will not be paying an amount for the services but will be paying according to the game packages that starts from $7 a month. Though the payment structure entices everyone to hit the go button, there is a major constraint for using this. They are yet not made compatible with all devices, and currently, they will work only for Amazon Fire TVs and Samsung Smart TVs.

What is the best OS for a gaming laptop and why?

What is the best OS for a gaming laptop and why?

An operating system manages the software and the secondary hardware; it accesses the Central Processing Unit, all the while running various applications. All Pc’s Laptops, Smartphones come equipped with different kinds of Operating Systems.

There is the fact to consider that if it comes to picking an OS, Windows is superior to Linux or a Mac as far as gaming laptops are concerned. There, having said that, you should consider the following to understand why:

DirectX12 is an application-programming interface that talks to the computer. In simple words, with the DirectX12, all of your games can interface with the core simultaneously. There is a huge performance boost compared to older versions of the Operating system.

User-friendly: Windows is the most user-friendly you will get in the market. It is a fact that it has been the longest in this business and it has a massive database of users. While many users use Linux, they probably have figured out ways to work with the system. However, if you are primarily into games and considering playing only games on your laptop, Windows should the way to go.

Hardware: If you go out to buy equipment for your notebook, you will notice that most vendors make their drivers for Windows. There is a possibility that it will work on Linux, but not as well as it will on a Windows. Also, another important consideration will be that if you are into older, classic games, then you can still manage with a slower OS. If you play the more modern games, you will want to look at a stronger faster OS, and that should be a Windows.

Games: When games are released, it is always targeted for Windows. Game developers generally intend to focus on Window users. If you research gaming laptops on a trusted source such as LaptopBlogger, you’ll notice all the recommended gaming laptops in the 500 range has Windows OS. While games these days are made compatible across platforms, there are two camps, Linux users, and Window users. Some games are made specific for Linux and available free as well. Typically, you will see those game developers for Linux will create games that can be used across platforms but not the other way around. However, sadly as far as performance is concerned, Windows wins easily.

Windows 10 is a vast improvement over all the previous versions. It performs better in the areas that matter- speed, interface, and compatibility with games. The biggest advantage in Windows is the wide variety of games you can play. If you are first time gamer, it is best to go with Windows simply due to the ease of operations, the variety of games you can choose and the number of free applications that it comes with. Once, you have been a gamer for a while; you will begin to understand which games you are more into, how the OS works for you.

It is very rare that a Windows user will switch once he/she has adapted because of the enormous benefits it has for gamers in general. With the necessary hardware that is needed for gaming like a good graphics card and a bigger memory to support the DirectX12, your Windows will perform like a pro.

4 laptop maintenance tasks you should never forget

4 laptop maintenance tasks you should never forget

Performing regular maintenance tasks on your laptop enhance not only its performance but also its lifespan. Below are four tasks that you should never forget:

1. Clean and upgrade hardware

Laptops attract dust like magnets. Hardware components such as the keyboard, display, ports and fan need to be cleaned timely.The dust on the cooling components inhibits heat dispersion, resulting in overheating and breakdown of the processor (CPU). It is essential to clean the dust sitting on the air grill, fan, and vent to ensure optimal cooling of the processor while running, thereby improving its performance.

Keyboards can get as dirty as toilets. They can be cleaned using compressed air, cotton clothes, and disinfectant wipes. The mouse, display and exposed ports are no less in attracting dirt and dust and need routine maintenance.

Upgrading the hardware (RAM, hard drive) may seem challenging to many people, but it’s not very difficult. It is the simplest and most efficient way to convert your aged laptop to brand new. When you can spot the exact component that’s slowing your laptop, upgrading not only revives the speed, but also saves you from buying a new laptop altogether.

2. Backup data

A complete backup of your data must be maintained on a regular basis to secure data in cases of unexpected hardware or software crashes, loss or theft of laptops, and virus attacks. There are a variety of software options available that help in backing up data. You should choose the best option by trial and error.The most important consideration of backing up data is to use a safe and protected backup location, either an external storage device or a digital cloud.

3. Update software regularly

To avoid reinstalling software and to enhance the speed and performance of your laptops, it is very critical to thoroughly update your software periodically. Performing an update not only adds more features which increase business productivity but also fixes the current bugs in the software preventing system crashes. For many programs, it can add additional security. It’s always essential to keep the anti-virus software up to date to avoid malicious attacks and loss of data.

4. Clean and defrag your hard drive

Cleaning up your hard disk increases its speed and performance. Take some time once in a while to examine your hard drive thoroughly, and clean up by trashing the unnecessary files, and transferring the rarely used files to an external drive or cloud. Also, uninstall the programs that are no longer needed. This clears up space on hard drive and makes it more readable.

The files on the hard drive become fragmented over time – as you delete and move data, a single file can be split over multiple physical locations on hard drive. This fragmentation will make the data less retrievable and slowdown your laptop. Defragmenting the hard drive ensures that it is more readable allowing your laptop to run efficiently. When you defrag your hard drive regularly, the programs run faster and there will be fewer laptop freezes and software crashes. The process is as simple as running a defragmenter software about once a month.

The technology behind a gyroscopic mouse

The technology behind a gyroscopic mouse

The mouse in a computer is a pointing device, which is hand-controlled and enables the user to input data continuously onto a computer. The mouse is known as a pointer device because it recognizes hand movements and allows the user to control and provide data to the computer by moving the cursor on the computer screen.

What does a computer mouse do?

The mouse is a very useful device which helps us to handle the computer easily and without the frustration of remembering all keyboard controls. The mouse is hand-controlled and moves over a flat surface. It controls the cursor on the screen by assessing your hand movement in a particular direction and passes the information to the computer, which enables the control of the user interface.

There are two computer mouse varieties known as the mechanical mouse and the optical mouse. The mouse which uses gyroscope technology and motion sense are said to be very efficient and handy. There is no more need for wires and tricks to connect the mouse to the computer. It’s just better technology.

Gyroscopic technology in a mouse:

A traditional gyroscope is a spinning wheel where the axis of rotation assumes any orientation and the axis remains unaffected by any amount of tilting or rotation of the mounting.

A computer mouse that uses gyroscope technology is the most technologically advanced device that is available for desktop and PC control. The gyroscopic mouse uses air motion technology and has a small gyroscope device installed in it which can estimate the quickness of movement to shift the cursor from one point to another and enables the users to choose the needed content by just pointing in the air.

The trigger enabled motion sense technology adapted by a gyroscopic mouse translates hand movements onto the cursor on the screen. When used on a flat surface, the laser sensor technology provides accurate, smooth, and flawless cursor movements.

The computer mouse which uses this technology uses a 3D gyroscope to detect the change. The direction and speed of the movement can not only be assessed but also customized using a calibration application.

The uses of a gyroscopic mouse:

  • It is easy to use and simple to install.
  • It is wireless and allows people with disabilities to use a mouse more freely and efficiently.
  • It can work on different computers under different operating systems (OS).
  • The gyroscopic mouse is stable to use and gives reliable results.
    The mouse is ergonomically designed to provide maximum hand comfort and optimum usage.
  • The use of gyroscope technology in a mouse enables you to take control of your apps and initiate commands and operations with just simple hand/ wrist movements.
  • The gyroscope technology in pointing devices like the mouse can help in efficient usage of the computer and any android, apple devices.

With the various innovations and improvements in technology, the gyroscope mouse has become a much sought-after choice. It has gained a lot of attention and popularity. It is lighter, easier, efficient and convenient.

Top 5 Technological Innovations Of 2016

Top 5 Technological Innovations Of 2016

What is Technology?

Technology is the ‘brain,’ operating the digital world with its inventions and innovations. Ever since the blooming of civilization, the ‘thirst for knowledge’ and the necessities of humankind are exponentially increasing. With the better understanding of science, researchers are focusing on the efficient utilization of technology to help the world and its population. So, what is Technology? Technology can be viewed as the practical application of scientific knowledge, to design tools, solve problems and optimize processes that will be of significant help to humankind. Technology is the effect of a combination of science and engineering, which in itself as surpassed the expectations of both the fields. Technology is the reason some brilliant inventions like, computers, rockets, vehicles, the internet, robots, medical equipment, etc. are existing.

Why is Technology needed?

As mentioned above, Technology is the mother of several important inventions which had led to the development of the world. Imagine the world without technology, How would we communicate with each other, travel to different locations, especially when separated by miles? The result is, the world would have stagnated and shrunk confining people in a particular geography within itself. Also, only with the technology, a greater number of medical innovations has happened, paving the way for the increase in, the average human life expectancy. Many endemic diseases are now perceived as the existence of the past. Day-by-day innovations are pouring out, challenging the earlier discoveries, and quenching the current needs of the society.

2016’s top 5 innovations of the technology

There are lots of mind-blowing innovations happened in the year 2016. Of those, we are now concentrating on the significant, top 5 innovations.

Vertical landing of Rockets

Not until the end of 2015, rockets that made their voyage to space had made a vertical, upright landing. They were either destroyed or made to fall back into the ocean. This was made possible by Jeff Bezos of the ‘Blue Origin’ company and Elon Musk from the SpaceX company, whom respectively pulled off rocket landings in November 2015 and December 2015. On April 2016, the Falcon 9 flight 23’ of ‘Space X’ made a successful landing on an autonomous drone ship near Florida coastline. As per Elon Musk’s estimation, almost 70% of the attempts in rocket landing were successful in 2016. This vertical landing has created a buzz and hope for a commercial launch of space vehicles in future.

High-efficiency Solar Panels of SolarCity

SolarCity’s Buffalo solar factory in New York will be soon introducing commercially available, efficient solar panels. They are aiming to produce one gigawatt of solar capacity in a year. This solar factory is the largest in North America. This facility will pave the way for cheaper residential solar power cost. With the backing of federal solar subsidiaries and reduced installation costs, this would be favored among residential communities in future.

Source-less power supply

Researchers from the University of Washington have discovered that the devices can also be powered by using the energy from nearby gadgets like Wi-Fi, TV, radio, etc. This eliminates the use of sources of energy such as battery or power cord. Shyamanth Gollakota and his associate Joshua Smith have developed the technique of reflecting selective radio waves to produce a new signal on the principal of backscattering. The device that uses this technology absorbs energy from the signals nearby and converts it to charge itself.

Autonomous vehicle driving feature

With the increase in vehicle collisions, due to the driver’s carelessness, there is a lot of focus on autonomous driving. Already few companies like Mercedes -Benz offers automatic lane keeping, automatic parallel parking features in their cars. Also, companies like Google are concentrating on experiments focusing on self-driving cars. In late 2015, Tesla Motors with their new developed software, popularly addressed as ‘Autopilot,’ made semi-autonomous car driving option, a plausible one. In 2016, continued test driving using this Tesla’s Autopilot were carried out with great success. While, we are aware of the challenge of legal implications on autonomous driving, with continuing experiments, a semi-autonomous vehicle with limited driver’s in-charge focusing on preventing accidents will be of greater benefit to the society.

Drone powered package delivery

Amazon has successfully tested its drone delivery through its Prime Air Service. It totally took 13 minutes from, placing an option to deliver. Amazon had talked about its autonomous drone delivery facility in 2013 and has made it successful in 2016. This drone delivery option is likely to make faster deliveries and replace larger delivery vehicles spanning the busier roads.