4 laptop maintenance tasks you should never forget

4 laptop maintenance tasks you should never forget

Performing regular maintenance tasks on your laptop enhance not only its performance but also its lifespan. Below are four tasks that you should never forget:

1. Clean and upgrade hardware

Laptops attract dust like magnets. Hardware components such as the keyboard, display, ports and fan need to be cleaned timely.The dust on the cooling components inhibits heat dispersion, resulting in overheating and breakdown of the processor (CPU). It is essential to clean the dust sitting on the air grill, fan, and vent to ensure optimal cooling of the processor while running, thereby improving its performance.

Keyboards can get as dirty as toilets. They can be cleaned using compressed air, cotton clothes, and disinfectant wipes. The mouse, display and exposed ports are no less in attracting dirt and dust and need routine maintenance.

Upgrading the hardware (RAM, hard drive) may seem challenging to many people, but it’s not very difficult. It is the simplest and most efficient way to convert your aged laptop to brand new. When you can spot the exact component that’s slowing your laptop, upgrading not only revives the speed, but also saves you from buying a new laptop altogether.

2. Backup data

A complete backup of your data must be maintained on a regular basis to secure data in cases of unexpected hardware or software crashes, loss or theft of laptops, and virus attacks. There are a variety of software options available that help in backing up data. You should choose the best option by trial and error.The most important consideration of backing up data is to use a safe and protected backup location, either an external storage device or a digital cloud.

3. Update software regularly

To avoid reinstalling software and to enhance the speed and performance of your laptops, it is very critical to thoroughly update your software periodically. Performing an update not only adds more features which increase business productivity but also fixes the current bugs in the software preventing system crashes. For many programs, it can add additional security. It’s always essential to keep the anti-virus software up to date to avoid malicious attacks and loss of data.

4. Clean and defrag your hard drive

Cleaning up your hard disk increases its speed and performance. Take some time once in a while to examine your hard drive thoroughly, and clean up by trashing the unnecessary files, and transferring the rarely used files to an external drive or cloud. Also, uninstall the programs that are no longer needed. This clears up space on hard drive and makes it more readable.

The files on the hard drive become fragmented over time – as you delete and move data, a single file can be split over multiple physical locations on hard drive. This fragmentation will make the data less retrievable and slowdown your laptop. Defragmenting the hard drive ensures that it is more readable allowing your laptop to run efficiently. When you defrag your hard drive regularly, the programs run faster and there will be fewer laptop freezes and software crashes. The process is as simple as running a defragmenter software about once a month.

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