What is the best OS for a gaming laptop and why?

What is the best OS for a gaming laptop and why?

An operating system manages the software and the secondary hardware; it accesses the Central Processing Unit, all the while running various applications. All Pc’s Laptops, Smartphones come equipped with different kinds of Operating Systems.

There is the fact to consider that if it comes to picking an OS, Windows is superior to Linux or a Mac as far as gaming laptops are concerned. There, having said that, you should consider the following to understand why:

DirectX12 is an application-programming interface that talks to the computer. In simple words, with the DirectX12, all of your games can interface with the core simultaneously. There is a huge performance boost compared to older versions of the Operating system.

User-friendly: Windows is the most user-friendly you will get in the market. It is a fact that it has been the longest in this business and it has a massive database of users. While many users use Linux, they probably have figured out ways to work with the system. However, if you are primarily into games and considering playing only games on your laptop, Windows should the way to go.

Hardware: If you go out to buy equipment for your notebook, you will notice that most vendors make their drivers for Windows. There is a possibility that it will work on Linux, but not as well as it will on a Windows. Also, another important consideration will be that if you are into older, classic games, then you can still manage with a slower OS. If you play the more modern games, you will want to look at a stronger faster OS, and that should be a Windows.

Games: When games are released, it is always targeted for Windows. Game developers generally intend to focus on Window users. If you research gaming laptops on a trusted source such as LaptopBlogger, you’ll notice all the recommended gaming laptops in the 500 range has Windows OS. While games these days are made compatible across platforms, there are two camps, Linux users, and Window users. Some games are made specific for Linux and available free as well. Typically, you will see those game developers for Linux will create games that can be used across platforms but not the other way around. However, sadly as far as performance is concerned, Windows wins easily.

Windows 10 is a vast improvement over all the previous versions. It performs better in the areas that matter- speed, interface, and compatibility with games. The biggest advantage in Windows is the wide variety of games you can play. If you are first time gamer, it is best to go with Windows simply due to the ease of operations, the variety of games you can choose and the number of free applications that it comes with. Once, you have been a gamer for a while; you will begin to understand which games you are more into, how the OS works for you.

It is very rare that a Windows user will switch once he/she has adapted because of the enormous benefits it has for gamers in general. With the necessary hardware that is needed for gaming like a good graphics card and a bigger memory to support the DirectX12, your Windows will perform like a pro.

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