Google Maps Vs. Here Maps – A Comparative Study

Google Maps Vs. Here Maps – A Comparative Study

For people who travel frequently or for those who always need to know the fastest way to get to a place, a map-app is essential. The two top map apps in the market today are Google Maps and Here Maps. But which is better? The table below helps compare the two for use on a smartphone so that you can decide for yourself.

Map App

Google Maps

Here Maps



Nokia (not a part of Microsoft)


Android and IOS

Android, IOS and Windows. Rated as the best map app for a windows phone

Maps Layout

This has a straightforward and uncluttered look. The labeling of roads and points of interest are clear and easy to read.

This also has a simple look. However, the use of full names for roads and additional information gives it a cluttered look. The labeling also spills outside the zone making it messy.

Navigation and Routes

Google has options for driving, public transport, walking, and cycling. For public transportation, Google gives you options of least amount of walking or taking only subways which are extremely useful for planning a trip. The data can be looked based on time of departure and time of arrival. It arranges the possibilities according to the ascending order of time taken. The street view option is one of Google’s best selling points.

Here has an option of driving, public transport and walking. It also allows for different times of departure and arrival. However, some of the public transportation data is not very easy to use. Here also has interior layout details of places like malls etc.


Google is the world leader in search engines which is reflected in the Maps. It is easy to use and has a great deal of information available, including opening/closing times, reviews, contact details, website, etc. As this data is usually maintained by businesses themselves, it is generally more accurate.

Here’s search function is also easy to use. However, the difference is in the quality of data. Here uses Tripadvisor as its information platform, so if you are lucky, you get a great deal of information, else you can also get out-of-date and incorrect information especially about opening/closing times and contact details.


The offline feature is more of a snapshot which allows you to save a map of a 25mile diameter area. Search, navigation, etc. requires you to go back online. You can search a route online, and once you have it, you can go offline. But no other information is available as long as you are offline.

This is where Here Maps excels. The offline feature let you download maps of entire cities/countries and navigate it offline. These maps are not very storage heavy and so you can download many maps at one time. You can search for POIs, landmarks, and routes offline.


Overall we prefer Google Maps just for the ease of use and amount and accuracy of information available on it. However, if you are short on data then Here Maps can be a good option for you.

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